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Added: Mar 30, 2011

From: foxcnnTV

Duration: 6:17

The second day is her better appearance. She has been gone so long Sage had to bust her chops in the first introduction. No tights or pantyhose for fans that love when she does wear them(makes her legs so much hotter). The Tuesday show she did a live one on one interview in the studio. Why they have to stick her behind that desk again I have to wonder. The tall chairs would have looked nice. She dresses up to show off, why not use it. Still good to see her and she is on a 3rd day in a row. Recording it now.

Channel: News


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dkapone Says:

Oct 18, 2011 - Perfect MEat Sandwich.

wwap111able Says:

May 30, 2012 - I would screw Hannah and Sage!

Juvy29 Says:

Oct 21, 2012 - she so wanna get laid lol

tera ravenloftable Says:

Mar 30, 2011 - There is something sexy about both of them besides their body too.

Antweezy100 Says:

Jun 20, 2012 - We need more Storm & Steele Power hours on SC more often!

TheTboss77 Says:

Oct 29, 2012 - Would've been hot if Sage and Hannah kissed.

Ryan Brooks Says:

Dec 15, 2011 - this video shes so hot in that blue dress... i think the short red dress is the best though. Still waiting for the video with no dress.

PleasureCaddy Says:

Nov 27, 2011 - This would be an Awesome 3-Some!...Thumbs Up!

philstu1 Says:

Nov 15, 2011 - they are both so hot

Teffy2105 Says:

Apr 2, 2012 - sage is hottttttttttttt!!!!!

Mr52hunnid Says:

Apr 29, 2012 - hahaha great comment

somarvelus Says:

Apr 2, 2011 - this vid gave you a new subscriber my friend! looking forward to the next one

thechmp24 Says:

Mar 31, 2011 - Hannah looked very sexy in the blue dress, love seeing her legs! I thought Sage looked very sexy too, love to see her in a short dress or skirt.

Desmond Shepherd Says:

Dec 17, 2011 - @mushuwushugrand i kno right...everyday i look forward to see which woman is hosting SC because all of them is so HOT!!

kingovharts Says:

Oct 11, 2011 - Double your pleasure. YUMMY

ed hernz Says:

Jan 3, 2012 - hannah is hottt!!!

1poopyhead Says:

Jan 4, 2012 - Hanna Storm is so much hotter now than like 10 years ago. i could pound it out to her all day

801liveable Says:


keith green Says:

Mar 6, 2012 - @teracrossdresser Its because they're talking sports. There is nothing more sexy than two superhot women talkin sports.

Navdan87 Says:

Feb 20, 2012 - Hannah Storm: Raaawwwrrr...

Legend42 Says:

Dec 1, 2013 - I hate black chicks.

Mike ferrari Ferrari Says:

Apr 20, 2014 - Tgive me both those sluts for 1 night ands a pill of Viagra to make sure I can last all night best fuck of their lives

Adrian Steele Says:

Jul 15, 2014 - I really loved Hannah's black blouse and purple skirt. Wow. I loved Sage's outfit, too at 3:35. I love her belt, blouse, and pants.

david charles Says:

Sep 14, 2014 - hotness

david charles Says:

Sep 14, 2014 - Red in the head fire in the hole